The Canine Ice Vest was created by professional dog runner and trainer David Hill. David has been running dogs as a business since 2007 when he founded his first company, Chicago Dog Runner. After moving to Denver in 2012, he started his second venture Canine Pacer. David has logged over 35,000 miles exercising client dogs, including 12 summers, so he fully understands the challenge of managing dogs properly in warm weather. 


Over the years he has utilized various strategies to keep the dogs cool in the heat, including water breaks, walking breaks and time-outs in the shade. This worked well from a safety standpoint, but David wanted something to help  the dogs stay cool so they could maintain a moderate pace and still enjoy a full run on warmer days. Various dog cooling products on the market proved unsatisfactory and thus Canine Ice Vest was born. Now dog owners have something that can help their canine companions run, hike or walk for longer periods of time with less stress on hot days.


David grew up around his father's veterinary practice in San Antonio, TX. His partner Linda, the marketing and business brains behind this operation, is from Libertyville, IL. Please let us know if you have any thoughts, comments or feedback about the Canine Ice Vest.




The Canine Ice Vest works to cool your dog three ways. First, the pockets are filled with ice, which is separated from your dog’s coat by a layer of hex mesh, resulting in an immediate reduction in core temperature. 


Next, as the ice slowly melts, cold water drips down the dog’s body, further cooling the entire torso. And as the ice melts, the weight load on your dog gradually disappears as well.


Finally, the open mesh allows air to circulate under the vest, which lowers your dog’s temperature through evaporative cooling.