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Designed to keep your dog cool in the heat!



The Canine Ice Vest works to cool your dog three ways. First the main pocket is filled with ice, which is separated from your dog’s coat by a layer of hex mesh, resulting in an immediate reduction in core temperature. 

Next, as the ice melts, cold water slowly drips down the dog’s body, further cooling the entire torso. And as the ice melts, the weight load on your dog gradually becomes less and less.

Finally, the open mesh allows air to circulate under the vest, which lowers your dog’s temperature through evaporative cooling. 


The pocket length should fill at least half of the space between your dog's shoulder and hip. Sizes tend to run a bit big so see the weight guidelines as well.


S = 18-34 lbs.

M = 35-59 lbs.

L = 60-110 lbs

XL = 111-190 lbs.


Please email for equine and other animal needs.

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